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“Can we open a tavern in our town like the one in Name of the Wind?” Ted asked Jaylyn over coffee one morning. “And serve travelers stews and pies, tankards and steins of ale, have storytelling, bards playing lutes in the background….” And after we had sprinkled in elements from every other fantasy series that we’d read, we had planted a seed in our subconsciousness! And so the story goes. That magical place found only in a book slowly became our reality.  As the vision evolved, we realized that the communal tavern-like space we wanted to create could also be home to some of our favorite past-times: Brewing and Board gaming.

We hope that our family-friendly establishment will bring together our community of all ages and backgrounds, whether that be over a pint and puzzle, a game of Quacks of Quedlinburg, mingling with others or just being yourself in our cozy space. Cheers!


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Frequently Asked Questions

~I loved this demo game! Can I buy it here?

Yes & no. We do have most of our demo games for sale, however you may find there are a few we do not have in stock. We can make local recommendations to where to find some games we may not carry.

~Can I bring in my own game?

Definitely! You may even find people who are interested in playing it with you as you set up. We also have signs to be placed on your table that let other customers know you are looking for more players.

~Can I bring in outside food?

Yes, but we ask that you treat our games with respect and do your best to keep crumbs, oil, or other spills from damaging our inventory.

~Do you allow reservations for tables?

While we do not offer reservations during business hours, we do offer venue rental outside of our business hours, depending on availability. Email with questions.

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