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Scenario: You've been wandering the dusty streets of Midland somewhere in the lands of West Texas. You see a Waystone just ahead. What do you do?

  • Ignore and continue on.

  •  Step inside; see what's it's all about.


Scroll down to see your outcome.

  • You keep walking. Things are not looking good. You now risk dehydration and a missed opportunity to kick up your heels for a bit.

  • You step inside. You ask the barkeep for a tasty beverage and see they carry your favorite tavern game. It was a good choice. 

Craving an escape from the modern day? Let us offer you a solution! At Waystone Brewing we want you to feel as if you’ve transported to another place and time. A simpler time. A place where you can find real human connection with others without the distraction of an electronic entertainment device.


Is local craft beer your thing? Does fizzy root beer or flavored sparkling water entice you? Maybe you’re more of a sip-on-tea type or even a hype-me-up with coffee fan. Our beverage selection is diverse, as well as our broad selection of board games. With over 150 games available for play in our game library, there is surely something that will appeal to everyone.


We implement a no laptops/tablet policy for etiquette reasons and thank you ahead of time for helping to keep our unique old pub vibe going by refraining from using these devices.

So step foot inside the big glass doors! Put down that device! Look around! Take in the world of the Waystone. We look forward to meeting you.

Token Bundles
From the Brewhouse

Toss a coin to the barkeep with our unique currency system!

The latest and greatest coming out of the brewery. Let's check out what the brewers have been up to...

Board Games

Come game with us! Choose from our large selection of games in the  library, or bring in one from home to play at our tables!

What's Going On?
Upcoming Events

Look ahead and see what events are in the works...

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